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Goat Cheese with EVOO La Chinata 275 gr

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This Goat Cheese with Extremaduran seal harbors a great cultural and traditional value. It is made by hand with the milk of goats that graze freely and feed on the botanical richness of the area, which gives it a great nutritional quality.

Its secret is the artisanal elaboration based on raw goat milk, rennet, salt and lactic ferments.

The result is a product with a certain itching that gains intensity in its flavor and aroma over time.

In the mouth it is fluxy and buttery and of slight chewability. It has a whitish color, is of medium intensity and has a low bitterness, medium salty and low acidity.It is a cheese that pairs very well with our Red Wine El Raposo La Chinata Strains and with our nuts such as Toasted Almonds with EVOO and Paprika or with our Cashews With EVOO, Truffle and Paprika La Chinata. INGREDIENTS

Raw goat's milk, lactic ferments, animal rennet, salt, extra virgin olive oil (1%).


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