Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal Chamomile Cacereña 250 ml

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Monovarietal Manzanilla Cacereña La Chinata is the olive juice of the variety manzanilla cacereña collected in the Sierra de Gata region, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. In this area, we collect only those fruits that meet the properties that we consider fundamental to obtain an Extra Virgin of very high quality. An early harvest of the olive is done, with which we manage to develop a higher quality EVOO and thus guarantee the conservation of its organoleptic properties.

Only through this selection system, can we guarantee our customers an Extra Virgin of which we are completely sure in terms of quality.

The Chamomile Cacereña is the most outstanding variety of the PDO Gata-Hurdes and is mainly and almost exclusively found in the North of Cáceres.

The Monovarietal is made 100% with Manzanilla Cacereña olives, creating one of the best EVOOs given its high oleic acid content of 78-80% compared to the rest of OOAs, which concentrate between 55% and 80%.

On the other hand, it offers a very balanced flavor between spicy, sweet and bitter. And given the characteristics of this variety of olives, which have little fat yield to make oil, their process faces a higher cost compared to other varieties.

The AOVE Manzanilla Cacereña, in addition to being the most identifying EVOO in the North of Extremadura, is a multipurpose variety, ideal for all types of culinary preparations.


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La Chinata

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